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Oh No Another Box of China or How to Create a Scene at Home

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Last year we moved, that meant emptying our crawl space of all the boxes we jammed in there 13 years ago. We downsized and so had to find storage for all those boxes of treasures and then eventually I started opening them.

So while going through yet another box of China I was reminded of a particularly long and cold winter a few years ago. One evening looking for something different to do I decided to set up dioramas or little scenes involving china and my daughter's stuffies. A fun combination or my version of cabin fever, whatever! It was more fun than the bowls of fruit or eggs in the shadows we drew in art class. They were great lessons on light and value but I found them tremendously boring and would much rather put a hat on my egg and have him ride a bike.

Putting together these scenes was just as much fun as sketching and painting them. I was drawn to items that had fond memories and carried stories, little moments in time.


This is such a fun and easy thing to do no matter what your age, you don’t have to be an “artist” we are all creative, YES YOU ARE.

For example, My “Tea for Two” illustration includes

  • a special spoon was given to me by my airline family who I spent many years with at work.ork.

  • Topper a stuffy that looks just like my daughter's beloved hamster

  • our grandmothers' teacups (my grandmother and my husbands both collected American Beauty china) we have lots:o)

tea for two

Here are some more examples

Pool Party

-The little Teacup was a gift from my sister inlaw

-bobblehead turtle sat on my daughter's desk in her room as a reminder to slow down and check her homework over.

-Tree frogs were always on and around our house, we love them.

-my daughter's little clay owl made by a friend.

One more, The Teacup Fairy


It doesn't have to be china or stuffies, have some fun look around and "create a scene"

What's one of your favorite keepsakes?

To see more of my artwork check out my website here or my Etsy Shop.

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