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Etsy - Managing your Products, Small bits #1

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

When selling in person at Markets and Art Shows was no longer an option I decided to sell on-line, how hard could that be right?. I was delusional.... The topic of selling on- line is so vast its mind blowing. I'm going to just cover small bits that can make a big difference in time spent staring at your screen. These small bits will apply to Etsy as its a faster way to get a shop up and running rather then starting from scratch with your website. I have a website with a store but right now I'm getting more traffic in my Etsy shop so that's where my focus is going.

Welcome to my Product hints on how to limit the amount of times you have to go in and fix things!

I have gone back multiple times to adjust or correct my stationery listings, I have 25 listings for writing paper. I've wasted a lot of time redoing what I should have done the first time if I had paid better attention to the details.

New Product

  1. Research - research very important! Use Etsy, Amazon any platform that sells the same type of product. Look at the top sellers and read the reviews, you'll start to find common likes and dislikes. Make notes on these and what you can do different or better.

  2. Write down in point form everything about your product and what's going to be included with the listing. This is where you can make sure your product is finished and ready to go into your store. For example, I learned that having variations is almost always a must. With stationery I found out that line spacing narrow or wide was very important so I offer 2 spacing options. Having different quantities and size of paper available along with personalization are part of the variations.

  3. Listen to customer feedback it's so helpful. Had I been thinking I would have posted my product first to my community and asked some questions. Alas I didn't so I found out through some very helpful customers that they just wanted to buy the writing paper and didn't need the complete set. Head slap, I never thought to offer that option so back we go to adjust the listings.

  4. Product images and mockups as many as you can, plus you can now post a short video. The video really helps customers get a sense of your product. Try to make your header image with a super clear description of what you're selling. Do a "what's included" slide as well.

  5. Link your related listings- I have a link in my "Writing Set's" to"Loose Sheets Only" for my stationery.

  6. Product Description: Make sure it describes your product just as well as your images; have a What's Included section in point form just like your slides. Don't forget to reference your variations and personalization option.

  7. SEO: that's a terrifying topic all on its own, but make sure you're using your SEO words in the product title and description.

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