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Too precious to use :o(

I have lovely covered journals on my shelf, some I’ve had for quite a few years. I take them out open them, marvel at the covers and the pristine paper inside. Too precious to use! Its silly but I’m afraid of wrecking them, do you ever do this?

So I decided to make my own Kraft covered Journals, they aren’t to precious just Kraft card stock with bright white paper for the inside. I jazzed up the cover with some line art and made the inside pages with a little fun. Nothing is over the top expensive or bejewelled. They can get a little thrashed or wrinkled, the pages are easy to use for drawing or writing. They’re just the right size to put in my bag when I head out for a hike with the dog.

Journals made to be used, inexpensive, fun with a little pizzaz but not to much! Personalize the cover with an inspirational quote or just your name. Take them anywhere and don’t worry they like to be used :o)

If you want notebooks to use check them out here

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